“Immeasurably More!”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Sorry about that. I’ve been running around with 36 people from California and one crazy dude from Pennsylvania. Open-air and indoor concerts every day. Handing out wheelchairs and hearing aid devices. It has been intense. And wonderful. Key phrase from the week: “immeasurably more.”  I’ll explain in the following paragraphs…or posts…

On this first post I’m going to post a photo from each one of the concerts. We started with an open-air concert at basically the intersection of two roads in a neighborhood called Cuatro Vientos. We wanted to do a concert there to support a Christian rehab center located in this marginalized area. It was an awesome time…the rain threatened a bit, but we kept on singing! Kudos to Martin, Ray and Randy for lots of work setting up the sound system!

Cuatro Vientos

Friday’s concert was in Santa Bárbara, near the first Sendero de Vida church planted in Ixtapaluca. The municipality had a big stage and large tarp set up when we arrived. Once again the music of the Valley choir captivated hearts, and the drama they shared left many in tears. I think all of us were beginning to sense that this would be a very blessed time.

Santa Barbara

On the three concerts Thursday, Friday and Saturday we worked together with the local government in setting up the concert sites. The DIF Ixtapaluca put up the stage, chairs and tarp. We set up the sound system and did the program, as well as hand out 20 wheelchairs during the Friday and Saturday concerts, and 30 simple hearing aids in all three concerts. After seeing a stage set up in plenty of time on Thursday and Friday, the assumption was that Saturday would be no different. But we arrived at the municipal square and found…nothing. So the local government representative informed us we could use the recently remodeled Municipal Auditorium, a spacious and beautiful place. Good thing too. While the concert was going on, outside there were torrential rains! God knows what He is doing, and can do “exceedingly more” than we can ask or understand.


Sunday held a double whammy, with the Valley Choir leading the worship time at the Sendero Santa Bárbara church in the morning, then climbing aboard vans and checking in at a hotel in downtown Mexico City, very close to the Holy Trinity Methodist Church, an historically significant and physically beautiful church that dates back to 1621. Both services were extremely blessed; true worship experiences!

church sbIMG_20160717_185452343




So much more to say! I’ll be dedicating the next couple posts to reporting on this past week. Suffice it to say that God did “immeasurably more” than we could have asked or thought!

Wanna see short videos of the week? Check out Nicholas Orozco’s DIF Family Blog HERE. Nic has already posted several videos of this past week, and will be posting more in days ahead. BJ Allen and Jared Akers will also be working on editing a video of this past week, and we’ll be posting it here as soon as it’s available. Thanks for all of your prayers. They were answered! More about that later.

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