Family Connections. WOL Pastor’s Conference (part 2)

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One of the realities of missionary life is that nobody knows your family. In most cases, people you work with have never met your parents, or your siblings. They’ve most certainly never met your uncles and aunts. That part of life is…well…missing. Of course, the positive side of that is that you acquire many spiritual family members, some of which become dear friends.

So it was unusual to be able to introduce myself as Bob and Jo Fry’s nephew to two students at Word of Life Institute, Mexico. Matheus and Cheila are both from Portugal, and have been involved with the churches where my uncle and aunt, Bob and Jo, have ministered for the last…wow, how many years has it been? with ABWE.

Matheus and Cheila are both part of a ministry team called Zona de Impacto (Impact Zone), and minister in music, drama and evangelism in churches big and small all across Mexico, as part of Word of Life’s ministry outreach.

We are praying about the possibility of working together with Matheus and Cheila next year, on the weekends, ministering together in a new church plant here. Wouldn’t that be cool! I spoke to my uncle Bob this morning. He was excited about the possibility. We’ll see what God has for all of us.

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