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Whereas much of the U.S. seems to be entering into a second phase of the covid crisis, here in Mexico we’re still in the seemingly never ending first stage. Our last normal Sunday church service was March 15th. That was  13 weeks ago, over 3 months. We continue online this coming Sunday…will we go back to “normal” services next week? It looks possible, but rather unlikely.  I have weekly studies with the young people here, as well as a study from the gospels with the kids in PA (see header photo).

In the meantime, life continues! Some of you read about Mayra’s back issues on FB. Thanks so much for your outpouring of support and prayers. Mayra has had periodic back issues for the last couple of years, but recently severe back pain reappeared, and didn’t go away, prompting several visits with a specialist and an MRI and back x-ray. The result…a herniated disc between L-4 and L-5 (a very common location for disc issues). She will be seeing two different physical therapists in coming days, and we are trusting God for a recovery that does not involve invasive surgery.

In other family news, David was able to (finally) get his license in June (after a long delay), and this past month, with the help of his grandpa John, he bought his first car. Cathy continues to work as a CNA at Masonic Village. Daniel continues to work in retail. Both Daniel and Cathy continue their course work at HACC.

During these unusual days (and before Mayra’s back problems) we’ve been able to spend more time with Mayra’s mother Hilda and her sister Monica. It is encouraging to see their positive attitudes and faith in God, in spite of some unique challenges.

And I continue to work on my mostly gray beard.  We are very grateful for your ongoing prayers and financial support of us and the ministry here.

And finally, a picture of David’s PA Classics team; they won their tournament this past weekend to officially end their season. David had several goals. Good going guys!



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