First Class Completed

If you’ve been following this ministry site, you know that since this past October we began a 40-hour course on hermeneutics, which deals with how to correctly interpret the Bible. We have looked at different passages of scripture together, from texts as diverse as Genesis 1, Psalms 51, the book of Haggai and the book of 3rd John. John Schimmel Ph.d from DTS, and Frank Villalobos, along with some teaching assistance one week from José Antonio Muñoz, guided our time during six Saturdays, from October through December, 2019.

Our class attendance came from four Bible churches…the three Sendero Bible Churches here in Ixtapaluca, as well as three members of the Peña de Horeb Bible Church in Iztapalapa. Between 45-52 people attended every Saturday, with 45 people receiving a diploma for completing the course satisfactorily.

A big shout-out to John, Frank, and the church of Still Water Community in Rowlette, TX, for helping to make this course a reality. Next course…Survey of the Old Testament, a 60 hour course that requires that students read through the entire OT during the months of the class. We plan to begin, Lord willing, on February 22, 2020, with classes happening every third Saturday for 8 hours. The course material, once again, is the Bible Training Centre for Pastors (or leaders), known in Spanish by the acronym  CCBP or CCBL.

Formal theological education is often a weakness in church planting ministry. It is just so difficult to have qualified individuals to receive theological training, as it is usually impossible to send bi-vocational leaders with families to a Bible school or seminary. It’s awesome when the seminary comes to the local church!

Check out our co-worker’s blog post, the Cottrill Compass. Jim included a brief video of the last class also.

The header photo is the group of people from the newest church plant where we are involved currently in ministry, the Sendero Palmas 1 church plant.


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