First Sunday back with Baptisms

Need some encouraging news in the midst of ongoing discouraging national and world news about disease and natural disasters?  Read on! God continues to work in the hearts and lives of people.

Mexico City is probably 2-4 weeks behind much of the U.S. in dealing with the virus. Churches have been re-congregating little by little. I’m familiar with one church in the area that never stopped congregating…but they did so almost in secret, with no music. But most churches here have been closed since mid to late March.

The Jesus Maria Sendero Bible Church decided not to begin services in their facility yet, so we were able to meet in their building, and have a baptismal service this past Sunday. Perhaps 60% of our families attended this first service since March, all wearing masks, and with plenty of anti-bacterial gel available.

We celebrated the baptism of Violeta, daughter Frida and son Pablo. It was great to hear their heart-felt testimonies, and participate with them in (cold!) water baptism! But their joy in obeying the Lord in water baptism made our hearts warm. Frida is a student at Word of Life Bible Institute Mexico, and they were surprised when she told them she wasn’t baptized. I actually had thought she was already baptized too…not sure why, because the whole family (except the father, Edgar) are relative new believers, but growing in their faith, and very involved in our young church here. Please keep them in your prayers.

Check out more info, plus a brief video of the baptisms at the Cottrill’s website HERE.


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