Forays into Mexico City

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This past week has been full of expected and unexpected happenings. It has been a week where we have ventured into Mexico City on four different occasions. Last weekend we received news of the panteondeath of Mayra’s aunt, and went to her viewing on a rainy Friday evening. I was asked to officiate the wedding, and was privileged to share several songs as well at a devotional. Nothing brings the family together like a funeral. The next day we drove the whole way to northern Mexico City, and did a short service at the graveyard, called a panteón in Spanish. This particular panteón was on Tepeyac hill, close the famous Basilica of Guadalupe. The graveyard was picturesque, very old, and well maintained. We were told by family members that the city would like to convert the graveyard into a sort of walk through museum, an official historical and cultural site.cena de aprecio2

Last Sunday evening we enjoyed our Bible church association of churches Cena de Aprecio, or Appreciation Dinner. A choir from Harvest Bible Mexico City did a beautiful job singing, under the leadership of Becky and Toño Muñoz, and former Puebla Bible Seminary director, Luis Trujillo, spoke from 2 Timothy 2 as to the importance of reproducing leaders.


Thursday, Mayra had a doctor’s appointment in San Ángel, a beautiful neighborhood in southern Mexico City. The kids and I took advantage of the trip to have a field trip, visiting El Museo de El Carmen. I think we’d all agree that the highlight of our tour was seeing around 10 mummies in the church basement. Can never get enough of Mexican mummies! I remember my first run-in with them was in Guanajuato, with my friend Shawn. I’ve never been the same since!

On the way in and out of the city we’ve seen what we see every year around this time…trucks full of pilgrims, and people walking on on bicycles, all either going or returning from their visit to Mexico’s most sacred religious site: the Basilica of Guadalupe. Guadalupe is Mexico’s unique interpretation of the Virgin Mary, and she is worshiped here, more than any saint, and more than Jesus Himself. We are reminded why we are here, and the importance of the gospel message.


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