Friendship Coffee and Latin Missions

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I belong to a small missions agency in Mexico dedicated to encourage Latins to go to all the world (FAM Mexico). I’ve been a part of this agency for forever, but hardly ever attend their international meetings (which happen every two years). The last such meeting I attended (before this year) was in Lawrenceville, Georgia in 2004. But this year, Mexico was hosting the event, and I wanted to help our president, Fernando Amezcua, in whatever I could, so I went.

I also wanted to meet FAM International’s new director, Mario Lemus. Mario accepted the leadership of FAM Int’l a few years back, and I was excited about someone young and enthusiastic taking the reins of this Latin missions agency that currently has missionaries in many different countries of the world, from every country in Central America, and Mexico.

Ok, I’m going to be honest…meetings of this nature bore me to tears. I really have issues. Plus I got really deathly sick the first evening. But it was great to meet new friends and get a notion of what God is doing through different missionaries all around the world. It’s always a joy to work with Fernando Amezcua and his family.

It also became clear that the international part of FAM International is in trouble. Mario is president, but there are not enough funds to support any sort of livable salary.  Country agencies are unable or unwilling to support an international office, even though a coordinating office is necessary. That’s where coffee comes in!

Mario proposed selling coffee to support his family and eventually subsidize mission sending costs for those in the process of raising their support. He has a long way to go, but has already established an impressive system of purchase, marketing and distribution of quality Guatemalan coffee. (in the photo above, Mario and his wife Yesica and boys Joshua and Caleb).

Mario is currently selling a shipment of 500, 14 ounce bags of Guatemalan Antigua Coffee, which has been tested and been rated high in quality. I can certainly wholeheartedly endorse it!  So…if you or your church or ministry want a bag, let me know! We’ll send it to you for $10 a bag, or deliver it to you in person if you live in the Elizabethtown Area. So…if you want great tasting coffee, and want to help support a worthy cause, drop us a note or an email!

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