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Today Mayra and I were returning from downtown Mexico City. Mayra had an appointment with an orthopedic specialist to have her back checked out. She has been experiencing significant back pain lately. On our way back, on the bumper-to-bumper main avenue called Viaducto, we were passing under an overpass, and a man literally fell off the bridge in front of us, and hit the car right ahead of us shoulder first, then landed with a thud on the road. We stopped, I rolled down my window and asked him if he was alright, he said yes, and walked away. We advanced, through the rain, wondering how the car in front of us was going to explain the dent or scratch that the car probably had. “Well, dear, you’ll never believe this, but a man fell on my car today.” Yeah, right.

The other happening that was strange but in a cool way was that I reconnected this week with a guy that I went on Teen Missions with WAY back in 1984. Conrad Kanagy is the pastor at Elizabethtown Mennonite Church, where Peggy, a good friend of the family for forever, goes to church. E-town Mennonite loaned us some chairs and tents for our first two soccer tournaments in the Poplar St. Park last fall, and Mayra and I attended their church on a Wednesday night. I met Conrad at Folklore Coffee a couple of times, and really enjoyed our talks.

Turns out, Conrad’s brother is Greg Kanagy, the Mennonite kid from Belleville, PA that was part of the Gibralter 1984 team. He visited once with us at our family cabin, way back when we were both young and foolish. How cool is that! Peggy has volunteered at his camp for disadvantaged kids several times in Florida. The camp is named Gator Wilderness Camp School. Both of us are interested in knowing more about Joshua Braunstein, last address, Kent, WA. Here’s a picture of Greg and his family. I, of course, remember him when he had hair, haha.

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