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Last night I took my son to football practice, and planned to talk to my good friend Toño Muñoz, but alas he was unable to make it. So once Daniel began his practice, I undertook the task of finding 1.) a good coffee shop and 2.) a pizza restaurant. Coffee for me, pizza for Daniel, who usually ends his practices famished.

I drove to Galerias Coapa, a large mall in the area, and found the food court. When I entered the area, I saw two men obviously studying the Bible. They were pretty deep in conversation. After buying a stromboli for Daniel, I grabbed one of the two chairs left at their table and sat down. They hardly missed a beat, and continued to talk about all sorts of spiritual topics, including loving their wives and being a testimony at work despite people who made fun of them and ridiculed their “wasting time” studying the Bible.

Finally, after probably 15 minutes of me listening in, they paused and we introduced ourselves. Erick and Ulysses were both part of a Generation 3:16 church planting movement. Erick was obviously the discipler, and versed in the Bible, something very apparent in his quoting scripture and giving counsel to Ulysses. Erick asked me two questions. 1.) When you die, what happens to you? and 2.) How does God forgive your sins? Both are very perceptive questions, as they immediately separate Christianity from sects, or other religions. Apparently I answered them to Erick’s satisfaction!

Let’s start a trend…let’s study the Bible in public places, let’s bring church to the marketplace, let’s remind people of the power of the Book, and the necessarily nature of light. You can hide it under a basket…but you shouldn’t.

I never did enter the Starbucks on the lower lever of the mall, but received far more spiritual nurishment than a cup of coffee could have ever given me.

Quote of the Day: It is at those times that God may actually intentionally turn down the volume of other voices, especially our own, just so we can have ears to hear what He has to say. This may seem to happen only when we have difficult challenges that cause us to stop, look, and listen.
Cole, Neil (2011-02-09). Journeys to Significance: Charting a Leadership Course from the Life of Paul (p. 89). 


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