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Thanks to those of you who prayed for my prayer this past Sunday. It was a really neat experience, praying for the team. All the players were down on one knee, with the coaches gathered around. One of the fathers asked me if he could be present for the time also.  The team took the prayer seriously. Really cool.

I spent a fair amount of time at the property today, working with the architect to correct what was an erroneous initial measurement. Which has resulted in us having to move our back wall, all 42 ft. of it. Fortunately the wall was not completely build, but the foundations were in. Rather now than later I suppose! We are seeing progress, and as soon as I can, I’ll post some pictures here.

The Holdeman family, all 8 of them, made it in safely yesterday and are now occupying Tina’s house. They are doing a family internship as part of the final requirement for some missionary training they are doing through their local church. This morning’s lesson…what does a real Mexican tamal look and taste like. Salsa verde, mole and dulce. I set the example, of course, on how they should be consumed. It’s tough giving orientation, but someone has to do it!

My wife and I are rather frantically preparing for next week, when 11 people from Word of Life Chapel arrive. Going to be a great week!

Check out Joy’s blog for reflections on her time in Mexico. Joy was an 8-week intern in Mexico this summer.

Finally, a favor. Go to this site and look for Santiago Arizmendi’s photo under the “galería” tab. It’s on the second page. It’s a boat made out of playdough. Click “like” to help my nephew win an iPod!

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