Good Conference at Wolc…and Snow!

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This past weekend we were extremely privileged to take part in Word of Life Chapel‘s missions conference. I was blessed to be able to speak on four separate occasions. I was blessed…hope someone else was also! It was very encouraging to hear what God is doing in and through missionaries in Cambodia, Nigeria, The Philippines, and locally in PA as well. 

Looks like several people from Wolc want to take up our challenge and visit Mexico over the course of this coming year. Excited about that!

I woke up with the beginnings of a sore throat (not good), but was able to get through this past weekend feeling great. Me getting sick wasn’t the only thing happening overnight…we woke up to probably 2 inches of new snow! Now, I don’t think anyone in PA really wants so much as a snowflake more of snow this year…but our kids did! The spent a good part of the morning helping their grandpa shovel snow, and then did some sledding. 

Next week we are excited to spend Sunday with the good folks of Hope Community Church. If you’re in the area, stop by. 

This afternoon, off to the dentist. Oh joy.

Excerpt from the conference:
Like Moses, God has called us, and we say, but God, I can’t speak Spanish. I can’t speak Arabic, I can’t learn French, I can’t understand Chinese, God I can barely speak English!  And what does God say? What is that in your hand?  What can you do? What do you like to do?  Give it to me, and with it you will divide seas, you will turn water into blood, you will change the world.
When God calls you, don’t be like Jonah and run. Don’t be like Moses and give excuses. 

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