Guitar Class and Random Thoughts

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First of all, a quick prayer request for Aurora, Samuel’s wife. She has been suffering from unusually high blood pressure for the last several days. Pray that her pressure would quickly return to normal.

Our community center guitar class has begun, the first week with 9 students. Because of these numbers we’ve now divided the class up. Great to see interest from both within the church and without.

Daniel and I took several wheelchairs and a bunch of boxes of material to Iztapalapa a couple of days ago. The Peña de Horeb Bible Church will be involved in several creative evangelistic activities tomorrow. The materials were donated by One Hope, the chairs via Operation Blessing.

What’s on my radar? Quibids (bad), Clash of Clans (distracting), Jim George (translation) and remote control airplanes (fun hobby!). Also Dominion Theology and the New Apostolic Reformation (bad and ridiculous, but more prevalent than I imagined).

Oh, also issues related to raising teenagers. We need a bit of advice!

Quote of the Day: Here they heard voices from out of the City, loud voices, saying, “Say ye to the daughter of Zion, Behold, thy salvation cometh! Behold, His reward is with Him!” Here all the inhabitants of the country called them “The holy people, and redeemed of the Lord, sought out,”
Bunyan, John (2012-12-18). The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

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