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The power of the gospel is most clearly seen in the transformation of people’s lives, and rarely have we seen a clearer or a more powerful change than in Lilia and Hector. Lilia began attending our church sometime last year, and soon after put her trust in Jesus. She then related to Mayra and other women that her marriage was all but done, her husband openly cheating on her, spending long periods of time away from home. What should she do?

It’s hard giving biblical counsel sometimes…the level of cynicism and neglect experienced by many women (and men) sometimes appears insurrmountable. The encouragement given Lilia, however, was that she pray for her husband, do her best to love him, and share her newfound faith with him.

Hector, who teaches at a nearby university, did respond! The picture below is of their joint testimony, about three months ago, how the Lord restored their marriage, and how Hector has begun to grow in his newfound faith.

And grow he has! About a month ago, on a Friday night, Hector drove his car to a nearby mall and parked, waiting to pick up his family. He did not park inside the main parking lot, but waited in a less-secure area behind the mall. Suddenly, four young people came out of nowhere, pulled him out of his car, gave him quite a beating, and stole the car. Hector, two days later in church, with a bandage on the back of his head where he needed 8 stitches, related how he thought of Jesus when they were beating him, how much it must have hurt when Christ was crucified! Their car was returned by the police shortly after. As one lady in the church commented, the enemy lost that skirmish!

Yesterday, for the first time, Hector directed the service. At one point Joseline asked prayer for her husband, and Hector mentioned that he has begun to witness to her husband via Facebook. He stated several times how privileged he was to be able to do so. He’s also working with Samuel in some technical aspects of computer programs and graphic design. We praise God for His transforming power through the gospel, that reunites families, transforms lives and exalts His name!

Quote of the Day: God has not called you into this new culture or into these new relationships to be a critic. Christ did not enter into our world to criticize and complain, but to redeem us and establish his kingdom. Similarly, Christ has not called us into our new culture to criticize and complain about the heat, the dirt, the noise, the inconvenience, the corruption or the loneliness. Complaint and criticism create a bottomless pit, while praise and gratitude are the language of God’s kingdom.
Tim Dearborn. Short-Term Missions Workbook: From Mission Tourists to Global Citizens (pp. 41-42).

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