Hope for Oaxaca

I have recently been communicating quite a bit with our pastor friend in Oaxaca, Gaspar Chable. It has been striking to me how much havoc the Covid virus has been creating in his local context.

There are similarities between the U.S. and Mexico. Both countries are once again going through an intense upswing in new cases. Both countries are going through phase two of lock-downs and significant restrictions on commerce and social gatherings. But Mexico, especially rural Mexico, has been impacted far more severely than has the U.S. Oaxaca is one of the poorest states in Mexico. The health system, diet, general hygiene and even access to water all have an impact on the region’s ability to deal with this current health crisis.

In the last several weeks, my sister and several close relatives have had Covid. They went through some difficult days, but without exception recovered quickly. The median age for Covid deaths still hovers in the mid 70s for the U.S. I mentioned this to Gaspar. He responded with this list of deaths of people he knew intimately…Isaac-45, Alfonso–56, Erasmo–50, José–52. A man currently in bed from the disease–55. There have been over 100 deaths of pastors and leaders from this region of Mexico from the Baptist convention alone!

As always, Gaspar and his wife Estella want to respond to this. Ministry friend and partner Dave Miller from Adventures in Life Ministry is helping them, raising support for a new vehicle, as well as helping them raise support for their vision for Covid relief.

Would you consider helping out? You can do so via Paypal at this link. Adventures in Life Ministry PayPal

Hope for Oaxaca is found in the person of Jesus. Help Gaspar and us reach out in his name!

Help via PAYPAL

Estela and daughter Keren at the ranch
Estela, Gaspar and a friend during a campaign in the Amantlán region, June 2019
View from Gaspar and Estela’s ranch, east of the city of Oaxaca.



1 thought on “Hope for Oaxaca”

  1. Dear God in Heaven hear the cries for mercy on behalf of Oaxaca, for your people in our beloved Mexico – to heal, gracious Father – to protect.

    Te pido Padre Celestial – te ruego – por su proteccion resbalar sobre todas las iglesias mexicanas. Hoy, oiga mis lagrimas, escucheme y darlos su consuelo, darlos su propositos mas buenos y darlos su salud lo que es mas fuerte. Amen.

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