Internship Program Finale and the Red Dragons

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Our 2013 summer internship is officially over, with our interns returning to Dallas/Denton for a short debrief time called Next Step. We celebrated a special send-off goodbye party with them here in the house this past Saturday evening, and each of them received a gift to remember Mexico…a Mexican soccer jersey!  Of course Mayra also cooked them some great food, and Shari brought dessert. Our prayers go with Andrew, Marcy, Abbie, Joy, Corinne and Tiffany as they finish up their summer. Hope to see them back in Mexico sometime soon!

Daniel’s football season continues, with a big win 28-7 over the Red Dragons of Cuautitlán Izcalli. Getting Daniel to his practices and games, then getting to his games on Sunday has been…ah, challenging. Initially out of 8 games, only 2 of them were on Sundays, and the rest on Saturdays. But for some unknown reason, 4 of the Saturday games were changed to Sunday. Grr….  So this Sunday, after preaching in Ixtapaluca, we piled in the car and raced on the exterior mexiquense the whole way to the main highway to Querétaro, then returned into the city to the general area where Daniel was playing. We’d never actually been there before, so we stopped a taxi, told him where we were going, and followed the taxi to the football field. We managed to get to see him play for the better part of an hour. I won’t even mention how fast I was going. I was going to take a picture of the speedometer, but at the speed I was going, I really needed to keep both hands on the wheel! We paid around $25 just in tolls to get to his game. Travel in Mexico, at least if you want to go anywhere fast, is expensive!

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