Is the End Near? (part 1)

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A conversation with a friend, then two recent sermons have confirmed in me what I have been sensing…we are cruising ever more quickly towards the end of the world. The promise of Jesus’ return can be felt in the air, apparent with every daily news cycle, perceived by anyone with even faint Biblical intuition.

The clouds of Mordor can be seen moving on the horizon. The Black Thing of Charles Wallace and Mrs. Which is growing. It is evil. It is scary.

I’m not an alarmist. This world has been marred to sin and hatred for a long time. But morality seems to have finally been turned on its head. We are enthusiastically calling good, evil and evil good.

If the Pope really believed that salvation is by grace, through faith (according to a agreement with the Lutheran Church in 1999), would he be speaking entirely of good works (even for atheists) and global warming, rather than using his public pulpit to talk about Jesus?

If Planned Parenthood were selling puppy parts, they would have been shut down weeks ago. One cannot react except with horror to such news unless he or she willingly and consciously shuts off a part of his or her soul.

The Supreme Court plays with epistemology and calls an apple a pear, calls a dog a cat and in the process assails not only morality but logic and reason.

Russia, Syria and Iran join forces to combat ISIS? Really? Now where have I read that before? Ezequiel 38-39 maybe? The U.S. proactively seeking a nuclear agreement with Iran? Has the world gone totally mad?

Occasionally I read articles from Zero Hedge. A quote from a recent article jumped out. “You need to be ready to endure a very, very long crisis. The suffering that is coming to this nation is beyond what most of us could even imagine.”

On the more conspiratorial side of things we have CERN, with a logo that has 666 in it, and has a statue of Shiva, the Hindu destroyer or transformer god prominently displayed outside the Hadron Collider. Could physics and atom smashing open up a wormhole and unleash demons from another dimension? Is that what Revelation 9 is talking about?

I could mention theories about the blood moon, and the Hebrew Year of Jubilee, all happening now.

But forget the conjecture and the conspiracy theories. Proven, daily news is enough to convince me that the end, truly, is near. More later.

Below, a picture of a 22 meter ( ft.) statue of the Santa Muerte, or Holy Death. Click on this link for more info, if you can stomach it. This statue is erected in northern Mexico City. Over three million Mexicans now worship this dark saint, basically a portrayal of the Grim Reaper figure.


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