It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…

This past week has been full of year-end activities. Some of the highlights…a Christmas youth group get-together complete with a gift game, a devo and of course some food! It was great to have Matheus and Karen with us…which we didn’t expect. Matheus flew to Brazil to be with his family after youth group, and Karen returned to her family in Veracruz, Mexico on Sunday.

It’s been an emotionally taxing week for dear ministry friends Francisco and Rosie, as their infant son Daniel had a serious surgery on his cranium. Daniel was born without a soft-spot on the top of his head, which does not allow for expansion of his head. But we rejoice with this family that Daniel came through his very complicated surgery with flying colors. Thanks for those of you who prayed for him. Francisco is the director of a rehab center that some of you may have visited.

This past Tuesday we once again judged Christmas carols in English at a local Jr. Hi, always a fun (and sometimes funny!) time.  Oh, and of course the obligatory Christmas shopping.

Tomorrow…our 6th church service in Palmas 1, with a devotional on Luke 1. Excited about that! Also excited about that fact that we will be traveling to PA to spend Christmas with family for the first time in about 12 years. To say we are psyched about that would be an understatement.

Here are some pictures.

img_20161210_185946 img_20161210_190221img_20161210_183052img_20161216_193657img_20161215_163809


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