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Had a great time this past weekend with Josiah Heigel and his (special) friend Heather Nero. We took them along to Cuernavaca with us for a time with Daniel (and our) football buddies, then after a great church service, showed them the city from the top of the Latin American Tower, and took them to the Zócalo (which was full of tents with teachers, but that’s another topic).

Of, and of course a couple of games of Settlers. We played two games. Finally, on the second game the dice decided to act normally, and I regained a bit of self-esteem that I’ve lost during recent games!

We were reminded as we drove downtown of the spiritual need in this city. If people carrying big Virgin of Guadalupe statues wasn’t enough, now it is common to see statues of the Holy Death, or Santa Muerte. Not sure if yesterday was a dark celebration of some sort, but we saw dozens of people carrying small and big grim reaper statues. Weird. Why would you worship death? The rational is that if death powerful, you if death is on your side, you are invincible.

Death is also worshipped as a person, as a personality. She (??) is more than just a metaphysical reality, death takes on persona.

People should worship the One that conquered death. He is much more powerful. Shame more people don’t know that.

Quote of the Day: From every direction the Enemy will be whispering, “Think this way too; yes, think this way too. This way is happiness. This way is joy. This way is knowing Who You Really Are.” Actually that way is pain, loneliness, and never really knowing anyone else. The Christian view of social life is a sacrificial view. We sacrifice ourselves for others as Christ sacrificed Himself for us. And strangely, His way of forgetting the self is the only way to find the self.
J. Budziszewski. How to Stay Christian in College (Kindle Locations 1069-1072).

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