Justice and Injustice: The Need for a Supreme Being

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This past Sunday afternoon Samuel and Aurora invited us up to their house, and we spent the better part of the afternoon conversing with two new friends, husband and wife, both university professors, both convinced (or maybe not) that God doesn’t exist.

It was a great conversation. They couldn’t help but mention repeatedly the concept of injustice, of the arbitrary nature of life, of corruption and abuse of the powerful. But why believe in justice, if there is no God? What gives us that idea of right and wrong, if everything is reduced to economics? We’re studying apologetics in our Sunday morning youth class…would have been great if the whole class could have been there. Many of their arguments were logical, even powerful.

I mentioned at the end of our conversation that as Christians, those of us who believe in God, we trust that every abuse, every sin, every act of blatant corruption and oppression is noticed by God, and it will be dealt with one day. There will be justice. If you don’t believe in God, well, that’s pretty depressing I guess…to think that all the under-the-table deals and all the graft and fraud will go unpunished.

Where it comes home, though, is that I am included in that…God will judge what I do too. The wife, with refreshing honesty, said she didn’t like the fact that the Bible called her a sinner. “I don’t like to think or speak in those terms.” 

I guess nobody does. Unless you have a Savior.

These acts will be judged in the future. We all will appear before God one day. The man jumped in…”to believe in an afterlife requires faith.”  Yes it does. It absolutely does. Faith is not opposed to reason, but reason will only take you so far. Faith, alas, is necessary. Faith is essential to please God.


I love it when my kids get passionate about something (other than digital devices!). Daniel is once again back playing his drums more regularly, and has been playing for the church on Sundays. Picture below.

Some awesome, thought-provoking photos. Click HERE.

Quote of the Day:  “…atheism turns out to be too simple. If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark.
Lewis, C. S. Mere Christianity  (p. 39). .

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