Let’s Get David Back to Uruguay

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The video below is about David Gomez’s ministry in the country of Uruguay. David is a good friend of ours, and has assisted the the planting of two churches here in Ixtapaluca. He is currently back in Mexico, needing to raise an additional $600 a month in order to return to Uruguay.

David has already received commitments to the tune of $200 a month. Perhaps you can help. Mayra and I have supported David over the last two and a half years that he has been in Uruguay, and plan to continue to do so.

David receives support through FAMEX. Camino Global is able to transfer U.S. funds to FAMEX, which are then deposited in David’s Mexican bank account. David receives about half of his missionary support from supporters and four Mexican churches, and some from the U.S. If you are interested in supporting David, please email me or put a comment on the comment section of this post. It will not be published.

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