“Little Animals”

For the last five months we have been involved in reaching out and assisting in a number of ways an elderly shelter just down the road from where we live. The center is run by a non-profit, and we are still trying to determine just how it functions. It appears to receive some support from the local government here, and some support from various businesses and other non-profits that donate food and supplies to it.

The “center” is home to 16-20 elderly people, all of them special, every one of them unique. Mayra has taken a special interest in this place, and we’ve been assisting as both a family and a church family increasingly in recent months.

Several of the seasons citizens in the home were complaining about animalitos or “little animals.” Now, not every person in the center is fully cognizant of what they are saying. Some of them “see” things that are invisible, or non-existent. But alas, the several people complaining about “animalitos” weren’t making it up!

Of the 25 or so beds in the center, 17 of them were found to be invested with bed bugs, and have now been destroyed (hopefully burned!). Yesterday several of us spent several hours taking apart 8 of the beds, and repainting them. Most were metal…hard for bed bugs to hide. They love wood, and are fond of mattress material. (Are you itching yet?)

The picture on the header of this post is the one wooden headstand that we re-painted with oil-based paint. The thinner and toxic paint drove the bugs out. We recommended that this particular bed be thrown out. No use risking a new infestation.

We are praying about a way to assist this center in more significant ways, and on Monday we’re be paying for half of a massive fumigation of the whole complex. In the meantime…we’re making sure to shower after coming home from every visit!

That’s not all we did…the Brubachers, a family visiting from Ontario, Canada, sang and gave a testimony. We prepared a meal for them, and did a craft with them. Pray with us as we seek to show God’s love to these special people.

cat yola



dave stevie

blue beds


3 thoughts on ““Little Animals””

  1. estos bichitos son Chintes y cucarachas que solo salen de noche, estuve en Abril en oaxaca y descubrí esto.
    la única solución es quemar los colchones y poner algo ala madera porque llegan a vivir mucho tiempo sin alimento estos animalitos. tienen que fumigar el lugar.


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