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Ok, so I pick up Tony Vasquez at the airport last night and return to where Daniel has a football practice in the mud and rain. After watching him wallow around a bit, we decide to go somewhere a little less damp, so Tony and I drove to a nearby area where there was an Office Max and a Carl Jrs side by side. While Tony relaxed in the restaurant, I went and printed out a bunch of stuff for this weekend, including a couple of posters for the missions conference and my sermon for Sunday.

I was instructed to take a number, and after about 10 minutes I finally gave them my flash drive for the copies, but in the meantime I was fooling around with the Bluetooth connection and the Kodak printing station. I must have left my cell phone there…I discovered this last night when I was looking to set my alarm for this morning.

On a day when a guy was coming in from Puebla, three more from Oaxaca and two people from Veracruz for the missions conference it was, needless to say, a BAD time to lose my phone. But guess what! I called this morning, my phone was there, and friends Toño and Becky, who live much closer to that Office Max tan we do, are going to retrieve my phone.

In the meantime, Tony, Teo and I picked up the video camera and portable screen for the conference, and loaded it up with the three wheelchairs, box of water purifying pills and other materials to take to the conference tonight…in Villa de las Flores, which happens to be almost as far away from here as you can drive and still be in the city. Almost.

But things seem to be coming together, my beautiful wife is making pozole complete with head meat as a treat for the guys for lunch, and we’ve been hearing crazy ministry stories from Tony all morning. Life is good! We also visited the pyramid and Indian ruins here in Ixtapaluca, with a great view of the surrounding area. Picture below…although not from today. Today continues to be really smoggy, which hopefully won’t trigger even more restrictive driving rules for this weekend.

Note: Popo, the active volcano to the right in the picture below, has been erupting quite a bit lately, showing the neighboring areas with ash. Hopefully it continues to vent ash, and not lava or flying rocks!

Quote of the Day: “Understanding is the basis of care. What you would take care of you must first understand, whether it be a petunia or a nation. ” Dallas Willard

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