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David is really pretty good at soccer. Last summer, while playing with the big boys at a local park, he got the nickname “mini-Neymar” from one of the top players there.

Turns out, they also share a similar back issue. Neymar, in case you are ignorant as to the world of soccer (which most people in the U.S. are!) is probably Brazil’s best soccer player, who currently plays for Barcelona (they won their game vs. Ajax today, with a goal from Neymar).

Neymar got kneed in the back by Zuñiga, a Columbian player, during the quarter-finals game in last summer’s World Cup. Neymar had to leave the field in a stretcher, the verdict…a fractured vertebra.

David also has a fractured vertebra in the middle of his lower back…because he tried to walk on air while sleeping on the top bunk…and took quite a fall! This happened in PA…here in Mexico he continued to complain about it. X-rays confirmed hairline fractures in one of his vertebra. Like Neymar, David needs to use a back brace for the next 3 weeks.

By the way, David’s sleepwalking issues continue. Recently we found him, totally asleep, on top of a piece of wooden furniture in his room, and another time, with one foot on his bed and the other foot on the closet door, trying to…who knows!?!

Trying to keep David from being active is…well…CHALLENGING! We are trusting for a full, quick recovery.

brace both


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