Missions, Relationships and Grace

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Hard to believe how many spiritual and family connections can be made in one short weekend!  It all started when Leroy Community Chapel invited us up to their church this past weekend to share in their first of three consecutive missions-focused weekends.

Actually…it started way before that.

It started somewhere back around 1999 when Leroy Chapel took Mayra and I on as young, inexperienced, wide-eyed missionaries. It started back in 2000 when my uncle and aunt, Bob and Jo Fry, met an Brazilian immigrant family near Lisbon, Portugal…with one little 4-year old boy named Matheus. It started when Samuel started sending artwork for LCC’s Global Mission Marketplace. It started when Mayra and I met Julian and Malu in Estes Park, Colorado at a Camino Global missionary convention.

We are excited about the team God has formed at LCC to help us put on our roof next summer, and we’re excited to see how God provides the additional $12K to enable us to do that. The team was made up of tall Randy and Ron, and hyper-enthusiastic Ben, who can’t wait to get his hands on a wheelbarrow full of concrete. Into the Wilderness artistic Sophia and musically talented Karsten. Teachers Vicki and Michelle. “I’m willing to do anything” Karrell.

Wish we would have taken more pictures…of the fine folks at LCC, and our wonderful hosts, the Malkamakis. Cleveland’s West End Markets, glass blowing, missions meetings, singing times and testimony. A special visit from our son Daniel and his friend Aaron in Daniel’s new Subaru. The overall joy and craziness.

A special thank you to Julian and Malu, who visited us from Ontario, and helped us find our way from Red Lobster to the Pierces, to the airport and Bob Evans and back.

Thanks, Jeff and Angie Pierce, for your example of grace.

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