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Two days after a great group from Mt. Calvary Church returned to PA, we kicked off our first missionXchange 6 week experience, with three days in downtown Mexico City. We are pleased to have Wesley and Kevin with us this year. There is also some overlap with Camino Global’s Emerge program, and we’re happy to have Abby with us too! Dave Miller, founder and president of Adventures in Life Ministry also flew down for the orientation time.

Over the past few days we visited the Basilica of Guadalupe and learned about Mexico’s unique brand of Roman Catholicism, with a huge emphasis on the Virgin of Guadalupe (Mary). A trip up the hill to Chapultepec Castle and its fabulous museum and murals reminded us of Mexico’s colorful and at times turbulent history. Our trip to the zócalo and Metropolitan Cathedral ended up with us surrounded by a protest, with hundreds of riot police being circled by teachers protesting recent government decisions regarding federal education.

We ate all sorts of tacos. We managed to squeeze in two games of Settlers of Catan. We visited the famous Mexican Que Bo Chocolate store. We ascended to the 44th floor of the Latin American tower, and took in the view. We’re excited for what God has for us all this summer.

Some pictures below:

LA tower abby cat

Madero metro IMG_20150622_185626714 city bike demostration

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