MissionXchange is the Winner!

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Some of you know that we’re excited about kicking off a new 6-week long mission experience next summer, in conjunction with Dave Miller and Adventures in Life Ministry. The 6-week short-term experience is specifically designed for college-aged students and young-at-heart Christians who want a hands-on, relationally based summer, with emphasis given to cultural orientation and identification with the Mexican church.

You’ll be hearing more about this opportunity in the future, but the purpose of this post is to let you know that we have decided on a name for the opp… MissionXchange! We like MissionXchange because of the multiple ways it communicates. Mission Exchange means we are not just giving, we’re also learning and receiving, which requires humility and an open heart. The “x” in Spanish is a way to abbreviate the word “for,” so we’re talking about a mission that seeks to change, primarily ourselves, but also those to whom we minister. Finally, the M and X lends itself to the word Mexico, and MEX are the symbols for Benito Juarez Int’l Airport, in Mexico City.

A $50 reward will be going to Joe Ramirez, a good friend of ours, and president of  MissionFocused, a 501(c)3 based in San Diego, CA.  You may recognize Joe in the picture above (hint:he’s not the white guy, that’s…some pastor out in CA). Yes, I do know who that is.





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