missionXchange, the first week

A week ago today we picked up Wesley and Kevin at the airport. They got in at almost the same time…just two different, unconnected terminals. No problem! Dave and Kaycee picked up Kevin in Terminal 1, and Daniel and I waited for Wesley at Terminal 2. Abby also joined us downtown. Abby and Ann Marie are participating in Camino Global’s summer internship Emerge, which more less runs during the same time as missionXchange. We do missionXchange with Dave Miller of Adventures in Life Ministry.

In this first week we’ve had a lot of fun visiting Mexico City’s historic downtown, including the Zócalo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Latin American Tower, Bellas Artes, Chapultepec Castle and more. All that in the first three days. After arriving in Ixtapaluca, we’ve driven up over 12,000 ft. to Cortez’s Pass between the volcanoes, went to Xochimilco, Mexico City’s “Venice” (euphemistically speaking!) and today, Tina took the group to Cholula and Puebla. They went in our Astro Van, they are returning in a bus. Alas, that story is ongoing!

We began our ministry emphasis this week, with a trip to a nursing home, and teaching English both as a community center and in a local jr. hi school. Tomorrow, a visit to a center for addictions (men and boys), and more English classes.

Turns out that all of our short-term visitors either play an instrument or sing, so this Sunday and probably next we’re trying to add some instruments to our worship group: Wesley on the sax, Abby on the flute, and Ann Marie singing. Kevin plays the trumpet, but didn’t bring his mouthpiece to play with braces, and he doesn’t want to rip up his lips (wimp!).

Our son Daniel left today…while he was here we were pretty much in party mode, but now to hunker down and do some serious ministry…after, of course, I take my mechanic Mardonio to Puebla tomorrow and try to bring the van back! I’d appreciate your prayers for that.

Some pics below: Thanks to Dave, Abby, and whoever else I “borrowed” these pics from!

jr hi english vol ab wes vol bridge vol girls vol set vol table xochi zipline



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