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Whenever my dad comes to Mexico, we save some things for him to do. Not really. But he always tears through our house and in a seemingly miraculous fashion fixes things. All sorts of things. Spigots in the upstairs sinks, faulty electrical connections. You name it.

 Turns out our microwave, which we received as a wedding present nearly 18 years ago, recently died. But hey, who needs a microwave, right? We were holding out, making do. But in a trip to Walmart yesterday, guess what mom and dad bought for us? One basic household ítem that we’ve never purchased in all our married life…a microwave oven. Then, dad installed a nifty shelf, making a little bit more room in our already crowded kitchen.

Dad went with me this morning to buy about 6 lbs of arrachera and 5 lbs. of longaniza for a grilling extravaganza a bit later today, complete with nopales and Cambray onions. Mayra’s whole family is coming for lunch as well. It’s May 1 today, no school for the kids (something that happens quite a bit in May!). Time to celebrate Labor Day in Mexico! My parents return to the U.S. soon. We sure will miss them!

Quote of the Day: Relationships are vital to life. Leaders who finish well recognize that such a feat does not come about without assistance. Leaders who finish well mentor others and are mentored themselves. They do not restrict themselves to a single mentor, as if one person can contain all that they need. They usually have many voices that speak into their lives and hold them accountable to what is truly important. We need mentoring in order to finish well. More than that, we need to mentor the next generation.  Neil Cole Journeys to Significance: Charting a Leadership Course from the Life of Paul  (p. 139).

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  1. A lot like my father in law when he used to visit us on the field! His philosophy: If someone can make it, I can fix it! Glad your Dad could visit! What a blessing for ALL of you!

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