Mt. Calvary Church–Review of the Week

These past 9 days we were privileged to host a group of 20 people from Mt. Calvary Church, Elizabethtown. This is the second consecutive summer a group from the church has been down, and we’re already talking about 2017. It was a great week once again this year, with Jonathan Witmer’s capable leadership and a good adult/teen balance in the group, with good attitudes and teamwork displayed consistently throughout the busy week.

Here is a pictorial review of some of the activities that the group participated in this past week:

Friday: Donation of 30 hearing amplification devices and evangelistic meeting.


Saturday: Soccer tournament outreach with skit and testimony time

soccer tourname

Sunday: A.M. Worship service, then a great lunch and youth group activity until late afternoon


Monday: Rally at a local Jr. Hi school, interaction with students and skit. Fun times!

Tuesday: Trip to Cortez’s Pass, between two volcanoes over 17,000 ft. high, one of them active.

volcano mt calvary

Wednesday: Wheelchair assembly and painting at a local rehab center.

wheel assembly


Thursday: Visit to Mexico City’s religious and historical center.


Friday: A wheelchair and hearing amplification device event with over 100 people present. 18 chairs were distributed, 41 hearing aids were donated and the gospel was clearly presented!

wheelchair man

Today at 4:30 a.m. the team met together in Mexico to leave for the airport. After two connecting flights, they have arrived, finally, in Harrisburg. What a great week! I’m posting some additional random pictures below. Thanks for your prayers. They were answered.



clown girls

adult table









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