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I spoke with Rodrigo today, the architech who is helping us navigate through the legal obstacle course of permits and plan approvals. He said that today he should have a resolution regarding the property delineation, and that he would call me after his meeting at the municipality at 2:30. Of course, he didn’t call me, but I’m hoping that, for once, no news is good news. I’m more inclined, however, to suspect that no news is another couple weeks of delay.

Some good news however…Jorge, an accountant from our church informed me today that the percentage charged for taxes and for title transfer (8% and 3% respectively) of the price of the land is not taken from the actual purchase price, but rather the municipally evaluated cost of the property, which in our case is significantly less. That’s good. Hopefully we’ll be able to invest as much as $3K in construction materials instead of paperwork. That’s good. If you are still thinking about supporting the construction effort financially, and haven’t done so, now would be a great time to get that pen out. Or go online and do an electronic transfer.  You know you want to do it.

Through a contact via the Internet (imagine that) I’ve been in touch with a Moody student by the name of Isaac Wilson who works at getting articles from missionaries on the field to publish for The Moody Standard, an in-house print publication and also web publication of the Moody Bible Institute. I would love to be able to contribute in some way to my alma mater. My years at MBI were so incredibly formative (and really, really fun!).

I heard today somewhere (Twitter?) that novelist Stephen King writes, on average, 2000 words per day. That’s extremely motivational for someone (like me) who loves to write and has a lot to write about (but needs a kick in the pants). I really need to get in touch with Alyssa at Real Eyes Editing and Writing again. Oh, check out a great post from her HERE.  Alyssa is a former intern (2007), who came down with her husband Matt Miller in 2011 also.  I borrowed the graphic below off of her website, hope she doesn’t mind!

Quote of the Day: All my life I’ve felt that there was something magical about people who could get into other people’s minds and skin, who could take people like me out of ourselves and then take us back to ourselves. And you know what? I still do.
Lamott, Anne (2007-12-18). Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life .  Kindle Edition.

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