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Some of you may recognize the names Noah (Noé) and his wife Claudia, and their two boys, Claudio (17) and Noah (10). This family has participated in multiple events at the community center in the past three years including English and Basketball classes, and have recently been coming to church every now and then.

At the community center event last month I was able to talk to Noah, the father. Among one of the things I said (apparently!), was that what we certainly don’t want to be is religious, that Jesus certainly wasn’t, and that actually religious people were the ones who killed him!  After several times trying in the past several weeks, Mayra and I finally were able to go to their home.  All four of the family were there, and we had an excellent chat first about pets and my parents coming down (yay!), then about spiritual things. 

Noah related how he really has not been interested in any religion precisely because of the “religious” part of it, but that he has seen that we are not like that. Both Noah and his wife Claudia gave their lives to Jesus! Sometimes (nearly always!) it takes a lot of time and good works to see someone come to the point of salvation.  Please pray for them, that they would be confirmed in their faith and grow in him. This family has some definite issues that the Lord will need to transform, but He is certainly able to do that.

Quote of the Day: Saints? Everyone? Surely the churches that originally received the letter had some of the same kinds of people we do in ours— you know: the drunks, jerks, gossips, busybodies, perverts, as well as the self-righteous religious types, who proudly and wrongly think they’re better than everyone else. Yet, regarding their identity— and ours— Paul says that if we’re “in Christ Jesus,” which is simply a way of saying we’re true Christians, then we’re “saints.” This word “saints” isn’t there by chance. It’s there by God’s design, and it’s presented so early in the letter because it establishes a theme explored throughout the letter.
Driscoll, Mark (2013-01-08). Who Do You Think You Are?: Finding Your True Identity in Christ (p. 30). .

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