Oaxaca Relief Update

When a 8.2° Richter earthquake hits an area, it does not recover in a week or so. Or even a month or so. A city or town can take years to recover from such a disaster.

The question for those desirous of helping is…how can we help in meaningful, strategic ways? Several ways we’ve attempted to help (with your support) is working with existing church networks in Oaxaca, and with groups we know that will get help to those really needing it. Adventures in Life Ministry (AIL) is one of these. Friend and pastor Gaspar has been involved in multiple disaster relief situations in the past (mostly hurricane relief), and Dave Miller is very capable of networking support from the U.S. to needy areas in Mexico. The projects have been comizcales (large earthen pots), water filters (via Dave), hearing aids and wheelchairs.  Here are some pictures, courtesy of Gaspar, who has been in the earthquake area on six different occasions since the quake.

Scroll down for more pictures.   In case you missed it…check out some short videos from December 2017 HERE.


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