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One of my favorite things to do in all the world is fishing, and now I can always count on someone who is even more enthusiastic about it than I am! David is diehard! Wherever we go, we try to at least wet a line. This morning a friend that I met in Mexico City, but who lives in Veracruz, met us at the hotel at around 7:30.

Julio works for Operation Blessing…and really spoiled us! I met Julio for the first time last month at a training seminar for wheelchair distribution in Mexico City, but you would have thought we were life-long friends.  He bought squid for bait, took me for a cup of coffee at La Parroquía (in my opinion the best coffee in Mexico), then to two different fishing places along the Gulf of Mexico. As is often the case, our gear wasn’t adequate…trout rods for ocean fishing just doesn’t cut it! but we had lots of fun anyway, and Julio supplied us with larger hooks and sinkers.

David is a real trooper…he doesn’t have to actually catch fish to have a good time (although catching fish definitely makes any trip more memorable!).

Quote of the Day: Subversive living is not as simple (or as hard) as making a gospel presentation. As much as God accomplishes through our outward-focused efforts and ministries, he can do amazing things just through the visible interactivity of God’s people living our sold-out lives together, day in and day out for our King and his kingdom.
Stetzer, Ed  Subversive Kingdom: Living as Agents of Gospel Transformation (p. 184).


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