Our own Sweet 14, and the “Undefeated” Soccer League

This past week we put on two major sports outreach events. The first was our 5th soccer tournament on March 21 in Palmas 3 neighborhood, this time with 14 teams registering for team play. As always, before any team was eliminated we had the opportunity to share a gospel testimony. Thanks, Daniel Martinez, for your willingness to share!

Our second main event was the closing program for the “Undefeated” Soccer League that Jonathan Garcia has coordinated with the guidance of friends Mike and Mark from Uncharted Waters Sports ministry, and the support of 5-6 young guys committed to being coaches every Saturday. This league was done in Jesús María. Next stop…Santa Bárbara! The guys are planning to do another 8-week league with the same Bible material beginning in two weeks.

In the closing program of the soccer league, visiting friend Jonathan Moose did a Christian rap for us, and gave his testimony. Our son Daniel translated.









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