Phillipines Report, Fish Farms and Finishing the Task

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I was delighted to confirm the participation of Operation Blessing Mexico at our upcoming missions conference the end of May. Their national operations director, Julio, was excited about the opportunity, and was interested to know that Dave Miller of Adventures in Life Ministries, who will also be in attendance, is working on fish farms and drip irrigation systems, something that Operation Blessing International is involved with in Haiti. Julio mentioned that he hopes to take a number of Gen2 wheelchairs to the conference and give each attending church at least one chair to take back and promote among their respective congregations.

I mention these two groups because it may be the first time that we have had organizations that include a more missional, holistic approach to ministry represented in a Bible church missions conference. Both have much to contribute to the mission focus of churches here, as many Bible churches are involved in missions outreaches to the rural, non-Spanish speaking ethnic groups in the nearby states of Puebla, Oaxaca, Michoac√°n and Hidalgo. Many of these groups are marginalized, and in need of all sorts of sustainable support.

FAMEX president Fernando Amezcua, from Guadalajara, just returned from a two week trip to the Phillipines, and is excited about many ministry opportunities he observed there. Tony Vasquez from El Salvador is our conference speaker, and will without a doubt bring a challenging message about reaching the unreached in our world.

If you missed the first blog entry about the missions conference, check it out HERE. We’re anticipating an awesome time!

Another favorite blog post within the past month or so, The Uncontrollable Nature of Idolatry. Really weird picture of a demon in Virgin of Guadalupe garb. Check it out HERE.

And yes, Dave, I stole one of your graphics. Thank you!

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