This past week I was involved in a series of meetings, and there are a lot of details, but the summary is this:

  1. We can go ahead with construction on our larger all-purpose building at the church, and have one year of municipal “grace.” All the construction on the property will then be formalized next year and our tax rate will be determined reflecting existing structures. So that’s very good news! We plan to begin putting the foundations in for the retaining walls on both sides of “phase 2,” which will end up being our church’s main sanctuary, providing a lot more room than we currently have. If you’re interested in how to donate to this, let us know.
  2. We are investigating the acquisition of another corner property in a neighborhood where we’d love to see a new community center/church. Lots of steps in the process still to go…but the possibilities are real and exciting!
  3. My day today (after I got a tooth fixed…grr) involved driving into Mexico City to a Yazbek factory store, buying 145 shirts, then taking them to another friend in Ixtapalapa to get printed. There are 5 different names that go on the shirts, but the logo is basically the same. Cost for a four-color logo and shirt…about $5.30 per shirt. Always cheaper to do it yourself…and it helps having an artist, Sam, as a friend!
  4. Yesterday Mayra and I drove downtown to visit La Santísima Trinidad, a Methodist church in the heart of historical Mexico City, and one of the most beautiful Protestant churches in Mexico. The church building dates way back to 1621. See the picture below. We’re trying to schedule a concert for the Valley Bible choir and band.
  5. Still waiting for a response from Operation Blessing Mexico on the 80 wheelchairs we’ve ordered for this summer. Hope they get back to me soon! We have received some 126 hearing aids, to be brought down by different visitors in June. The plan is to distribute 80 wheelchairs and about 140 hearing aids in four or five different events this summer.
  6. Roberto, a man in the church, made risers for the concerts this summer (pic below). We have three large concerts planned in Ixtapaluca, in conjunction with the municipal government. They will be putting up a 5×10 meter stage, 300 chairs and a large tarp in case of rain. Martín, pastor of the Santa Bárbara church, will be setting up his MAMMOTH sound system for at least two of the large concerts. We’re excited!church downtown
  7. yazbek
  8. risers
  9. wheelchair van

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  1. A lot of great news – many blessings! Thank you for the update – will keep you in prayer here at Leroy.

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