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Below, a promo poster for our FAMEX missions conference, here in Mexico City May 24-25. We’re excited to have a lot of special guests and more importantly, people passionate about missions at this conference.  Pray for Erik Morga and the Villa de las Flores church, as they are the sponsoring church for this event.

For more information, go to several former blog posts HERE and HERE.

Quote of the Day:It is in Jesus’ name that desperate people pray, grateful people worship, and angry people swear. From christenings to weddings to sickrooms to funerals, it is in Jesus’ name that people are hatched, matched, patched, and dispatched. From the Dark Ages to postmodernity, he is the man who won’t go away. But it’s not just that …
Ortberg, John  Who Is This Man?: The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus (p. 14).


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