Property Project Update–Crunch Time!

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As many of you know, we are smack dab in the middle of a project to raise funds for a church property for the second church in Ixtapaluca, in the neighborhood called Jesús María (Jesus Mary). Really.

The six month crunch time began the middle of December, 2012, when we signed a “promise to buy” contract, paying an initial down payment, and promising to pay the remaining amount in six equal payments, one a month for six months. Each monthly payment amounts to approximately $6.7K U.S. Just so happened that the dollar took a dive just around the time of our last payment, but has recovered a bit since. So our payments vary slightly depending on the exchange rate, but the above amount is close to our monthly need.

Last month, an estimated $800 was raised, most of this in Mexican pesos, through food sales, car washes and garage sale efforts. After starting our monthly payments ahead of the curve, through the cumulative donations of many of you over the past several years, the curve is catching up with us!

Recently we were grateful to receive a significant donation from a church in Canada. Whew! Thanks for that, Lord! But we still need your help.

Co-worker Jim Cottrill posted on this on Wednesday, a good post entitled Nomadic Church. Check it out HERE

Below, a picture of the property we are buying. As you can see, our work is cut out for us, once the property is purchased, as it is currently full of brick and concrete pig stys! Come to visit us this summer. Bring a sledge hammer!

Wanna give? Check out co-worker Jim Cottrill’s page for links about how to give.  Or you can go directly to Camino Global’s online giving page.  Just make sure you’re giving to project #063604.

If you’re thinking about helping, now would be a good time to do so.

Quote of the Day: Most leaders prefer to look for answers where the light is better, where they are more comfortable. And the light is certainly better in the measurable, objective, and data-driven world of organizational intelligence (the smart side of the equation) than it is in the messier, more unpredictable world of organizational health.  Lencioni, Patrick M.  The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business (p. 7).

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