Rain, Sports and Evangelism

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A big shout-out to Mike Contreras and Teo Moreno, and the Uncharted Waters program that they use. All week has been a dance with rain in the afternoons, but we saw the Lord work in and through the church. Many kids heard the message of the good news. We were able to get close to some of their parents too.

A number of young people, led by Jon and Sammy, used a mega-sized EvangeCube and several other normal sized ones to share the gospel.

Below, Marcy on one of her days “off” from teaching 8 hours of English to classes of 45-55 kids, and some pics of the EvangeCube presentation.

The interns this year are studying 2 Kings, with parallel passages in Zephaniah and Habakkuk. Rather obscure passages, but we’re learning a lot! Thanks Jim for setting that up.

Jacklyn Punt is doing probably the hardest job this summer…tutor our son Daniel in Algebra!

We are excited to soon meet Corinne and Tiffany, who are headed down next week.

Tomorrow…Daniel plays a scrimmage in Querétaro, or all places, about two and a half hours north of here. Really crazy excited about him playing football!

Quote of the Day: When you’re finished changing, you’re finished. Benjamin Franklin

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  1. The greatest success seen in this photo is the young Mexican men sharing the gospel – the heart of our ministry here in this country – seeing young men and women in the church to train in reaching their own people!

    Mike Contreras for UW Sports Ministry

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