Relief Work, Studies and the Best Cake Ever

A sincere thank you to all of you who have donated and prayed for the ongoing relief efforts here after two strong earthquakes on September 9 and September 19.  We’ll be taking at least one more trip (maybe more) this Thursday morning, supporting the town of Juchitán, Oaxaca.

I’ll be going with son David, and stopping by Puebla to pick up Chalo Sandoval, on the way to Oaxaca City, then driving with pastor friend Gaspar to Juchitán. We’d appreciate your prayers. It’s an 11 hour drive one-way.

We’ll be taking a lot of tarps, a wireless speaker, some clothes, some hearing aids, a portable generator if I can find a suitable one, and a bunch of tracts, courtesy of Chalo. I’m getting a new fuel pump installed and hopefully some minor body work done to the Astro so that we’re ready to roll!

David has a fiberglass cast on his right leg again…he has recovered from Osgood Schlatter disease, but has played so much basketball and soccer that he has really irritated his knee. I think he realizes that about the only way he’s going to rest is if he has a cast on his leg!

In other news…I’m teaching 5 English classes a week. So far our Wednesday class has 10 students, and the Tuesday and Thursday classes has about 8 students, but I’m pretty sure our attendance will grow. So far, not one of the students I’ve had in the past has come…everyone is new. This is, of course, a way that we meet new families and invite them to the church and to weekly Bible studies.

Speaking of Bible studies, our new Wednesday study has had 7-8 people faithfully attending, two of which trusted Christ two weeks ago! We thank God for that!

The Palmas 1 church has been averaging over 45 people lately, with lots of complete families. We hope to have a baptism sometime soon.  There are at least 7 young people that will probably be baptized, plus a couple of adults.


The Jesús María church auditorium is just about finished inside, with most of the walls finished and ready to be painted. Thanks to all of you who helped make this dream a reality!




Finally, well, some of you knew I celebrated a birthday recently. Take a look at my cake…! Wow!

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