Short-Term Missions Done Right

Thinking about a short-term missions experience? Not sure you want to deal with the hyper-activity? Not sure you really think that short-term experiences are really effective anyway?

Let’s re-think short-term experiences together. Done right, they can be transformation, both in the lives of the participants as well as the lives of the host ministry.

I can’t tell you how many people have come to the middle of their time here and have said something like this, “I came thinking I would be blessing others, but wow, I’ve received so much more from the fellowship, the worship, the fun.”

Next year Dave Miller with Adventures in Life Ministry and I will be kicking off a 6-week short-term stint that we’ve baptized “MissionXchange.” A big part of our focus is that short-term missions is a two way street. You give, yes, but you also receive. The blessing goes both ways.

Below, a series of posts I wrote about this topic.

Misconceptions (Part 1)

Community and Relationships (part 2)

Openness and Humility (Part 3)

Pic below: David Gómez getting the “planchita” by Brig, David Vaughn and more!



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