Sledgehammers and Wheelchairs

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These last three days have been full and productive ones. I’m exhausted! Really. I can’t hardly type. For a more rational report, click HERE to go to Tina’s blog.

A group of 7 people from Tina Barham and Darrol and Kim Prusia’s home church, Fremont Alliance, arrived on Friday. Tina took them downtown to walk through artificial snow (as if they wanted to see snow in Mexico City coming from Nebraska) and a spectacular light show at Mexico City’s National Cathedral.

On Saturday we did two wheelchair distributions in two new neighborhoods here in Ixtapaluca. The 10 a.m. event was well attended, with 8 needy people receiving wheelchairs.  Mayra presented the gospel in a very clear, dynamic way, mentioning that we all have a handicap…none of of can come to God because of our sin. As in the paralytic in Luke 5, Jesus desires to not only heal us of our physical handicap, but to restore us to himself.

Saturday afternoon we distributed another 3 wheelchairs to a neighborhood called Jiménez Cantú, and were touched by a crippled older woman who received our gift with such joy, with such appreciation that it provoked more than one tear in the eyes of several of our team. Our final wheelchair event was today, in Ayotla, where we distributed another 8 chairs. The good news was presented clearly in three different neighborhoods!

Sunday morning’s worship service was fun, singing several songs (Our God is Greater, Mighty to Save, From the Inside Out, How Great is Our God, This is My Desire) in a bi-lingual fashion. Great to have Tim Howard, worship leader at Fremont Alliance, as part of our worship team!

Sunday afternoon through this evening was filled with sledgehammering and moving sand and gravel, digging three 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. holes (not easy!), breaking concrete, etc… This afternoon the 3000 liter plastic cistern arrived about 10 minutes before a tank truck filled with water! We had to do things off the grid…a gas powered generator for the concrete saw, water in a cistern to mix cement…we still do not have a water line or electricity connected at the church property.

We thank the Lord for Dan, Tim, Ken, Randy, James, Willie and Jo. It has been a blessing to spend time with you over these past several days!

One belly-laugh moment this afternoon…when James was offered another empanada (like a quesadillas sort of) and he said NO! a bit too loudly. We’ve been eating, well, frequently, and he didn’t want to have to eat anything more. If you’ve been here, you know that usually people offer you more food than you can possibly eat!


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