Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb

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Friday at ExpoCristiana I had the opportunity to translate for Elizabeth George during an interview on live TV (they always say that, right?), and then a conference time with her husband Jim George. They both seemed like great people. Elizabeth reminded me of my mother.

I haven’t translated for a while, and was amazed at how tired I was after the hour or so of Jim’s workshop on “A Man after God’s Own Heart.” Exhausted, and hungry, but mostly tired. I felt like the translation time went well, but I did stumble when Jim said, “stick out like a sore thumb.” How would you bi-lingual people translate that? Sobresalir is the meaning, but is there a dicho that means the same thing in Spanish?

I remember one translation experience that I could have never done…when Jack O’Brien translated for Evantell’s Dr. Larry Moyer here in Mexico City a few years back. Machine-gun bursts of English and Spanish…almost wore you out just listening to the two of them! Fortunately for me, Jim George’s style was much more laid back.

Afterward, we had a great evening celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday on the 45th floor of the World Trade Center…Mayra and I had never been there before this week, now we’ve eaten there twice in 5 days! Quite the view, this time at night.

Quote of the Day:  Our world’s bright future will be built by people who have discovered that leadership is the enabling art. It is the art of releasing human talent and potential. You may be able to “buy” a person’s back with a paycheck, position, power, or fear, but a human being’s genius, passion, loyalty, and tenacious creativity are volunteered only. The world’s greatest problems will be solved by passionate, unleashed “volunteers.”
Marquet, David Turn the Ship Around!: A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders

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