Summer 2022

Talk about a rebound! After two years with zero visitors because of the pandemic, this summer possibly set a record for visitors. We received a total of five church teams, all of them from Pennsylvania, and four Liebenzell USA interns. Throw in a couple kids (do they count as visitors?) and our grand total is 68 people contributing to the ministry here in Ixtapaluca. Here’s the list:

Mount Calvary Church, Elizabethtown PA–18  (6th visit)

Word of Life Chapel, Bainbridge PA–8  (5th visit)  video below

E-town Grace, Elizabethtown PA–8 (1st visit)  video below

Hope Community Church, Mt. Joy, PA–17  (4th visit)

Mount Joy Church of God, Mt. Joy, PA–11 (1st visit) video below

Plus four Liebenzell interns: Joshua from VA, Amanda from CA, Rafael from NE and Ethan from PA. If you’re interested in doing an internship with us next summer, let us know!

Among the activities:

5 events involving reading glasses and hearing aids (four in Ixtapaluca, 1 in Oaxaca), with hundreds of glasses donated, and about 50 simple hearing aids donated

Significant construction, including painting, electrical work, AC installation, and drywall/ceiling work. The electrical work at the Jesus Maria church was done through an organization called I-TEC, short for International Technical Electric and Construction. You can read more about the I-TEC team at Gary’s blog, HERE.

2 VBS weeks, as well as a 2-day children’s outreach in a small village in Oaxaca

2 1/2  weeks of baking classes/Chef Joel teaching Mexican cuisine.

2 Basketball tournaments

Several hundred Dress-a-Girl dresses donated (a ministry based in Elizabethtown, PA)

Involvement in a local high school and jr hi school (6 days total)

1 computer class taught at the Tiempo de Vivir community center

1 English class taught at the Tiempo de Vivir community center

1 women’s spa day, with devotional time

1 mural in the youth room painted

5 trips to downtown Mexico City

2 trips to the volcanoes (Cortez’s pass)

1 trip to Cholula, Puebla

I’ve included several videos (made by your truly). Yes, I’m still learning this video editing stuff, so be kind! They will give you a better idea of some of what happened here this past summer.

Liebenzell USA Internship video:

I-TEC and Wolc 2022



Reading Glasses Events, the glasses were provided by Restoring Vision. Check them out at

Elizabethown Grace Trip

Mount Joy Church of God video (made by the church)


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