Summer 2023 Visitors Part 1

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This summer we are pleased to host three Liebenzell USA interns, one for 4 weeks, one for 6 weeks, and one for 8 weeks. Amanda Chacon was here last summer, and will be joining an elite group of repeat interns; helping me coordinate some of the summer.  Amanda goes to Dallas Baptist University, and is one of their track stars! We’re looking forward to seeing her again.

Amanda teaching English (with Joe) at a local high school, summer 2022

Andrew Polizzi also visited us last summer, for a week with his church, Hope Community. Andrew is a big dude, works in a large sporting equipment store, and likes to hunt ducks  in his spare time. I told him that we need to take the youth on a camping trip while he’s here…near the volcanoes, at around 12k feet.

Andrew waiting on tacos, downtown Mexico City, summer 2022. Andrew tends to be in a better mood after tacos than before.

Michael Fanoway is a student at Liebenzell USA’s Global Impact Academy, initially from the small Micronesian island of Yap.  I met Michael this January after a visit to Liebenzell’s mission center in Schooleys Mountain, NJ. Michael will be a great addition to our summer crew!

Michael is studying at Liebenzell’s Global Impact Academy

The Smathers family, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, is taking advantage of our “Go and See in 2023” week, and is coming as a family of five to experience for one week what living as a family is like in Mexico City. The five of them will be living in a small, two-bedroom home within walking distance of our house.  We’re excited to house our first family of 5!  Our last complete family experience…when the Beenenga family (4) visited some years ago.

Amanda Nissley is more than just a summer visitor. She came to Mexico with us the end of March, and will be with us in Ixtapaluca, Lord willing, for one year, although she has let us know that she might want to stay in Mexico a LONG time! Amanda started with three English classes a week, but is now teaching 5 classes, with people wanting her to offer more classes pretty much every week.

Amanda Nissley eating a delicious taco árabe, near Puebla, Mexico

If you would like to financial support any one of our short-term staff above, please click on their name, and you’ll be sent to a page on Liebenzell’s website where you can give. Please pray for them and for us as we tackle a busy, fun summer!  A shout-out to Karin Benningfield for helping make short-term summer ministry happen!

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  1. Wow … this brings me some great memories. Praying right now for that phenomenal team and opportunities!

    1. Hey bro, good to hear from you! When can we meet your beautiful family? We have to schedule a trip to Portugal.

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