Summer Overdrive

We were pleased to have a group from Mt. Calvary Church with us from June 12-20. What a great time! Two days later, on June 22, our missionXchange 6-week summer experience began. Mike Conteras, Levi Marti and Tim Totten brought a team of 15 from Gibson City Bible Church here from July 6-11. We took them to the BAM Center in Puebla to continue their sports ministry focus with the Prusia family and Camino Global missionaries there.

Last night we said goodbye to our missionXchange participants, Wesley and Kevin. They took a midnight bus to Oaxaca, along with Kaycee Kaba, and will be working alongside Dave Miller of Adventures in Life Ministry for the next three weeks, before returning to Mexico City for a couple days of debrief.

Yesterday, a group of 9 from Windsor Chapel, led by pastor Andy Straubel, arrived and will be here through this week.

Among some of the many highlights from these past weeks…significant involvement in both a shelter for the elder and a drug and alcohol rehab center, two sports camps in both the morning and afternoon, extensive painting of the interior of the church in Jesús María and quite a bit of interaction with tacos…of all sorts! Living, worshipping and relating to the local church here is also always quite a focus. Several of us were able to participating as judges in two different Jr. Hi schools, at their English song competition. Fun times!

We would appreciate your prayers for Samuel, an elder at the JM church, who is in the hospital right now, being evaluated for possible gall bladder or kidney problems.

Continue to pray for Kevin, Wes and Kaycee! They arrived safely in Oaxaca after their 6-hour bus ride, and will be supporting several weeks of children and youth camps.

IMG_20150708_195134673 mayra shelter wes judging2 wes kevin 3 wes pyramids wes tacos




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