Summertime in PA

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We are so privileged to be in PA for the month of August. Wow, summer is so fun! Among the August highlights…Cathy’s 14th birthday, the Elizabethtown Fair, peaches, canoeing down the Susquehanna and so much more! I’ve posted a couple of pictures below.

Also a big, new thing for us…Daniel beginning his 11th grade year at MCCS! He got his class schedule today, had an orientation time at the school, and is ready to go tomorrow, bright and early! Well, maybe…  Although he is a student at Mt. Calvary, he is also playing football for the Elizabethtown High School. As a dad I am, well, barely controlling my excitement. First game against traditional rival Donegal Friday night, August 29. And yes, we will be there!

Also lots of fun…touching base with several churches this month. We had a great time at Heritage Bible Church in Pottstown, PA, August 10, then an opportunity to preach and help out with the music a bit at Word of Life Chapel, our home church, in Bainbridge, PA. This Sunday, a trip to West Newton, PA to visit our friends at Fellowship Bible Community Church, then finishing out the month returning to Mt. Calvary Church in E-town. Rumor has it that Mt. Calvary is planning a trip next summer to Ixtapaluca.

So…after eating fresh peaches over a grill, with ice cream, (blessed Pintrest) and then having David drag me through a creek with a minnow seine catching small fish in order to catch bigger fish, we are off to the fair tonight, meeting Daniel there after his football practice. Summertime!

cat dave and grandma fair peaches


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