Tarps and Blankets

Our relief efforts continued this past Thursday, with another foray into the state of Morelos, visiting some of the sites we had previously helped out last week, this time providing primarily tarps (16 x 20 ft.) and blankets, but also diapers and some food and water.

We were initially planning on heading to Juchitán, Oaxaca, but reports of significant violence on the roads into Juchitán prompted us to re-think the wisdom of that trip. So we decided to support an area that we already had made contact with. I was disappointed that we weren’t able to help out Gaspar and Dave with their outreach in Juchitán, but hope to make that trip soon.

Offerings from two churches and several individuals made the purchase of 20 tarps and 50 blankets possible. Both the Astro and the Journey were loaded down. 9 of us went, including our son Daniel and his friend Aaron, as well as Cuco, Connie and Alan. We once again met up with volunteers from a church in Cuautla, who continue to work in coordination with Operation Blessing. It was great to get to know Jeronimo and Felipe a bit more.

In addition to the physical materials, we distributed a new tract just published by Ediciones Las Americas in Puebla, and distributed some Bibles.

For those of you interested in continue to support the relief efforts here, I’d like to recommend two avenues to give.

Dave Miller with Adentures in Life Ministry has established a GoFundMe account for emergency relief, especially focused on providing water an other essential supplies for towns in Oaxaca and Campeche devastated by the Sept. 7  8.4° quake. Check it out HERE.

Camino Global has also established an account for natural disasters. Funds for Mexico would be used, in part, to print a half million or so tracts to be used in relief efforts. We used these same tracts on Thursday. If you’re interest in giving, click HERE.

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