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This week has been a busy one as far as teaching. On Tuesday I began a 6-week series on salvation, and be began looking at what the good news is, and just touched on some basic terms…justification, sanctification, glorification. Saved from the penalty, power and (eventually) the presence of sin.

On Friday evening the young people asked met to teach on evangelism. About 10 of them will be traveling to Veracruz, a coastal state, in July, and will be involved in a number of evangelistic activities. Every one of them used the Bible Coloring Book, a sort of magic prop that reveals different things inside depending on where you hold the pages. A shout out to Andrew Oglivie, who may have to bring a few less pairs of underwear in order to accommodate all the packages we’re sending him!

One of the major points in our talk on evangelism is that salvation is a PROCESS. It requires sowing, watering and finally, sometimes, reaping. We won’t reap if we never sow. We can’t make a seed grow, that’s God’s job. Both Hector and Daniel were there, both men in the church who have been saved a bit over a year and less than a year. Daniel will be baptized July 6. Hector was baptized last year.

Daniel told me that most of his 500+ Facebook friends are not saved. So he sends them verses, graphics, messages. “You send them personal, individual messages to all your friends?” I asked him. “Yes, and many have commented on how I’ve changed. That’s something I can do, so that’s just something I do.” Evangelism, to Daniel, is the most normal thing in the world. You don’t have to teach a new believer of it’s importance. Something some of us with years in the faith would do well to remember.

Below: Daniel and some others hanging a tarp this eveningphoto

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