The Beach, Football and More

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So…it’s been a while since I published here. Everybody needs a little time away, and we are so thankful for my parents for making that happen. I guess the reason that we just spent a week in Ocean City, New Jersey was to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary coming up in October. What a wonderful, relaxing week it was, with beautiful weather. My parents are really, truly examples of godly people, kind and generous, patient (usually!) and loving! Great to spend time with my sister Beth and her husband Don and daughter Cece also!

We even were able to spend a few hours on the beach with the Ogilvies! Our mini-internship reunion from this summer in Mexico begins tomorrow, with Tina and Marcy driving and flying in from the mid-west. Tina’s excursion has been, well, eventful! After a missed flight out of Mexico City, then some lost luggage, she is hoping to be able to drive her tomorrow without anything else happening!

So much more to write…so little time! This past Sunday we renewed contact with Heritage Bible Church after several years. Heritage Bible has been involved in my ministry life since 1984, when I went for a summer with Teen Missions to Spain and Gibraltar. Now, Daniel is 16! Wow, how time flies!

Speaking of football, Daniel’s doing 2-a-days right now, practicing from 6:30-10 a.m., then from 4-7 p.m. He’s exhausted…but loving every minute of it! As his dad, I am, well, almost beside myself with excitement, trying not to let it show too much!

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